About Flytuts



My name is Akram


I’m web developer & graphic designer as well as digital marketer who is passionate about these topics,

From my early childhood I loved learning, I got my hands on my first computer in 2000.

back then there was not enough online resources to learn from, so I had to experiment with a lot of software, such as photoshop 6 , 3ds max , visual basic, frontpage and so on..

Then I decided to learn Graphic design , after thousands   hours of learning online , I got a job as graphic designer.

after that I start taking online courses on web design & development this took me years and I’m still learning because there are many things to learn , It’s not just html and css, to make cool dynamic website there are more work to be done like php and mysql ,jquery , pdo for preventing sql injections, frameworks such as codeigniter , Laravel for quick routing and validations, there is also Angular js, node.js and the list goes on..

I dedicated my self to teach what I’ve learnt over years in very simple ways, I know your time is valuable so all my courses “which I’m still working on” are simple to understand and mostly short videos , because from my experience learning online is a huge challenge , watching one hour video is not the right way, surely you get bored or you would probably think of something else, however, I focus only on the important thing in every video or tutorial that I make, for example instead of showing you ten ways to do the same thing I would only show you one or two ways , This is an important point because in my learning experience I was in rush to get the point quickly instead of wasting time in an unimportant things.

Enough with the basics !

We see a lot of tutorials and courses focusing only on the basics, that’s is a problem at least in my opinion,

why is that ?

Think about it, for how long you’ve been learning the basics ?

We spend a lot of time learning the basics, specially when it comes to web design , I agree there is a lot to learn but  it shouldn’t take that long.

People would love to see what can they do after learning something new , the problem is there isn’t enough examples out there, like creating fully functional social networking website , maybe dating website from scratch , or even sharing files online web app.

For me , That’s what I want to share and teach as I’m learning too.