How To Manage Stress

How to manage stress

In our daily life we get so stressed by everything , It’s like the 24 hours of the day  is not enough so we micromanage everything , usually we end  up with nothing worth that stress.

In my case for example , I have a job , side  business ideas , family , sport ,learning new stuff , reading ,  and recording courses so that’s a lot going on in my head , because I was so stressful I don’t  finish one task instead I micromanage everything which is painful and that indeed gives me more stress . so I start looking for solutions to fix my problem  and share what I found , I hope this simple methods will help you as well. Continue reading “How To Manage Stress”

how to choose web hosting

How to choose the best web hosting


First rule ! Do not rush and take your time before you choose web hosting !

how we can know or decide if a web host is good ? here are a few question you should be able to answer before you choose a web hosting service:
1- you have to know your hosting needs
2- is the host reliable and uptime quarantee ?
3-what about upgrades options?
4-check prices on both sign up and renewal.
5-check hosting control panel
6-supporting features (site backup, security ..etc)

Hosting Needs :

its hard to get the right web hosting without knowing what you need. you have to ask yourself these questions :
what kind of website are you building?
do you need something common such as wordpress blog?
do you need special version of software such as PHP ?
does your website need special software ?
how big or small can the web traffic volume go ?
these are some of the basic question to answer yourself.
if you are new I recommend going with shared hosting , they are cheap and easy to maintain.
these are the best shared web hosting :

Shared Hosting Services I Recommend

Web Host Features Price WHSR Rating
iPage hosting Host unlimited websites in one account
WHSR’s Best Budget Hosting Pick #1
$1.99/mo Web Host RatingHosting Company RatingWeb Hosting ReviewsWeb Hosting RatingHosting Star Rating
Read Review
eHost Host unlimited websites in one account
Free Site Builder with 1,000+ themes
$2.75/mo Web Host RatingHosting Company RatingWeb Hosting ReviewsWeb Hosting RatingHosting Star Rating
Read Review
Inmotion 90 days full money back guarantee
Special discount, save 40% on first bill
$4.19/mo Web Host RatingHosting Company RatingWeb Hosting ReviewsWeb Hosting RatingHosting Star Rating
Read Review
Web Host Face Hosting SSD Shared hosting with daily backup
One-time 85% discount, code: WHSRPC
$1.63/mo Web Host RatingHosting Company RatingWeb Hosting ReviewsWeb Hosting ReviewsHosting Star Rating
Read Review
Interserver Reliable + very fast web host
Host unlimited sites in one account
$3.85/mo Web Host RatingHosting Company RatingWeb Hosting ReviewsWeb Hosting ReviewsWeb Hosting Reviews
Read Review

Server reliability – uptime score

web hosting
its very important to have 24×7 operating web hosting , you need powerful server and stable network connection , at least 99.5% uptime , anything below that is unacceptable.
you can simply track your web host with server monitor tools – many of these tools are free on trial and are very to use.


Server upgrading options :

shared hosting can handle estimated 30,000 – 40,000 monthly unique visitors, so with shared hosting you will be fine , but if you expect more than that you should be consider picking up a web hosting with room to grow from shared hosting to virual private or dedicated server, for more processing power , memory capacity , disk storage and better security features,
recommended VPS/ dedicated options included A2 Hosting, InMotion Hosting , InterServer , and SiteGround.

Multi Addon Domains :

if you own more than one domain name , its important to have a web hosting that allows adding multiple domains , generally , most web hosting allows at least 25 Addons in a single account, but still there are some web hosting that allow only one domain per account , that happened to me. so make sure of that.

Hosting signups and renewal cost:

hosting companies usually selling very cheap hosting but the renewal is much higher , they would advertise for very low web hosting service at the beginning but the renewal will cost you very much

Compare: Signup vs Renewal price

Web Host Sign Up Renewal Difference More Info
A2 Hosting $3.92/mo $9.99/mo +$5.09/mo Read Review
Visit Online
AltusHosting $4.95/mo $4.95/mo No difference Read Review
Visit Online
Arvixe Hosting $4.00/mo $14.95/mo +$10.95/mo Read Review
Visit Online
DreamHost Hosting $7.87/mo $9.95/mo +$2.08/mo Read Review
Visit Online
eHost $2.75/mo $7.98/mo +$5.28/mo Read Review
Visit Online
Inmotion $3.49/mo $7.99/mo +$4.50/mo Read Review
Visit Online
Interserver $3.85/mo $3.85/mo No difference Read Review
Visit Online
iPage hosting $1.99/mo $7.99/mo +$6.00/mo Read Review
Visit Online
Pressidium Hosting $15/mo $15/mo No difference Read Review
Visit Online
WP Engine WordPress Hosting $29/mo $29/mo No difference Read Review
Visit Online

Backup – 24/7 live chat support :

its important to have backup of your website in case any indecent , check if your web hosting provides regular backup .
does your web hosting provide full backups regularly?
can site backup be done easily via the control panel?
can you create auto backup for your website via cron job or other program?
pic here
check if you web hosting provides 24/7 live chat support.


I hope you choose the best web hosting for your upcoming website.

Best google fonts

 5 – Best google fonts [ for web design ]

choosing great font is very important , we have to consider the speed the loading time because must of beginners web designers tries to add more than two or three different type of fonts , and that will effects the loading type of the website,

its always recommended to use one type of font  , Here are 5 best google fonts for web design :

Top recommended fonts from Google Web Fonts

You will find many unfavorable reviews about the quality of GWF’s fonts and the amateur nature of many typefaces. We must remember that Google Web Fonts is a collaborative open source project, but many people think still there should be a higher level of quality control.

  • Open Sans
    Open Sans best fonts for web design
  • Josefin Slab
    Josefin Slab best fonts for web design
  • Arvo
    Arvo best fonts for web design
  • Lato
    Lato best fonts for web design
  • Vollkorn

How to use google fonts in your website ?

to use google fonts in your website is fairly easy visit google fonts , search for the font that you want to use , click on the plus sign to add the font.

copy css link and paste it on the top of your website’s header or your css file .

copy @import and paste it in your css file.

Usage :

you can use the new font by normal css for example : font-family: sans-serief.


Go ahead and build amazing stuff now ! and don’t forget to share your thoughts and suggestions ..


web design tips

4 – Web Design Tips [best practices]

 How to design better websites learn web design tips

For me I like to keep things simple , we already living in complex world , the simplicity always has its power to deliver the message without confusing the user .

Its recommended to have clear image on what you want to achieve, before you  jump to coding , try to answer these questions for web design best practices :

1-What’s your goal, what you want to achieve with your website ?

how to design clean website


The reason for building your website should be clear , concise And straight to the point. look at Nike website , web design is not only about just design , we have to consider a lot of aspects even more questions we should ask. 

2-What’s your message ?

website tips


Your message should be resonates with your goal , for instance , if your website is about selling shoes its preferred to about subjects that relevant to your products , you could talk about socks for example because that is relevant to your products which is shoes.

3-Who are your audiences ?  


website tips & best practices


Knowing your audience is crucial point, for example if you’re selling sport shoes for youth between 18 -35 years old , it will be difficult  to sell the same product to 70 years old male or female that would be might be irrelevant to them.

knowing your audience is important so you can adjust your website’s  look and feel .


4-whats differentiates you from others ?

how to design a website


You have to have value or believes that differentiate you from others , you have to be better or deferent from your competitors .

After than we will draw how our website will look like on a paper before we implement the idea.

For example , we will draw the sitemap , the structure of the website, the brand, and the behavior of our website.

When we got clear picture of the website , that time we can think of deferent type of technologies to use in order to transform the idea into real world website , such as html & css and javascript , or we can use framework such as Laravel or codeignitor, if we want to have dynamic website.

that was our tips for today I hope you like it , if you have more tips share with us.

Great tips to generate tips watch this video

web development

Web development [Tricks]

how to start web development career

Trick #1: Learn the meta-skill (learn how to teach yourself stuff)

If you think you can put in time and “learn web development” and be at a point where you know everything you’ll ever need, you’re mistaken.  As a web developer you should focus on learning new skills every single day.  And this is a great thing!

Since you’re going to be learning new things everyday, what’s more important than learning “the stuff” that matters, is you building the skill of learning how to teach yourself new coding concepts on the fly.

I like to call the skill of being able to teach yourself coding topics on the fly “being a self sufficient developer”.  This means that even if obstacles come in your way, you’ll be able to learn why the obstacles happened and how to fix the problem.

You should race towards becoming a flexible, adaptable programmer who is capable of learning the new technologies that come out on your own.  The moment someone gets this skill, I call it “hitting their inflection point”, and then the developer is able to accelerate their learning at an incredible pace.

Trick #2: Learn the things that don’t change a lot.

Since the flavor of the week is likely to change quickly, rather than jumping on a new bandwagon, plenty of things in computer programming are timeless.  Learn those.

For instance, once you learn how to teach a computer how to solve a problem in one computer programming language, it’s generally a lot easier to pick up new programming languages.

So get really good at programming and become the best “programmer” you can.  To do so, I generally suggest finding standalone coding problems (often called kata) and solving increasingly complex ones.

Also there are plenty of Computer Science topics that have been around since as early as the 1950’s.  And many of those topics haven’t changed at all – and they continue to be useful.  In fact, if you’re looking for a job as a web developer… you’re going to need to learn theoretical concepts to do well in the technical interview process.

Here’s a few tips of things to focus on:


  • Algorithms (think: sorting algorithms, breadth-first search, depth-first search, etc).
  • Data Structures (think: linked lists, stacks, queues, trees, graphs, etc.)
  • Asymptotic Complexity (i.e. Big O Notation)
  • How to build software on a team


Depending on your goal you might be able to do this yourself with cheap or free resources that exist.

Checkout resources like:

Trick #3: Build good foundation

Don’t jump from platform to platform unless you have strong foundation on the basic concept of web development, for example , if you just starting web development and you’ve basic understanding of PHP , then you jump to Laravel ( PHP Framework ) you might get very confused specially if you don’t understand OOP concept (object oriented programming ), for that reason you might consider getting very good at these concepts before you start using any PHP frameworks.

You will speed up your learning by building very strong foundation about the basics , so take baby steps specially in the beginnin.

learn coding

Learn coding

[by understanding the logic behind ]


Coding is not so difficult as it sounds , we make things hard for us unintentionally by trying to memorize everything,  however, if we instead try to understand the code and why we use specific code in certain times, this method is the key to be better in coding.

lets take simple JQuery function and examine it :


setInterval (function ( ) ({

someFunction( );

), 1000 }


take a look at this function , you might be familiar with it but if not I will explain it.

This function it will call another function repeatedly in every second (notice : 1000  it means 1000 ms.)

its like loop of function.

now let’s think why and when we need this function ?

I made a course on how to create ajax chat app , you can see the course here , I used this function to call ajax in background. to simplify even farther.

for example I want to see if I have any new messages by making query that will go and fetch the database to see if I have any new message, so I don’t want to refresh the page every second , that would be a disaster ^^,

So I made ajax call in background to communicate with the database for any new message every second , that way the user will not feel anything , and if I got message it will be shown. that way I used ( setInterval function )

there are many cases that we might need this function , for example Slideshow , you will display new photo every specific time , and many cases you will need this function.

Now we understood why we need to use this function same will be for every line of code.

so it’s all about understanding not memorizing , this is how to learn coding in my opinion.

I hope I explained enough , if you have better methods share with us , we always learning that’s the beauty of life.

if you want to learn more about web in general this is the best resource : w3schools