Create Ajax Chat App

Create Ajax Chat App

Create Ajax Chat App

Create Ajax Chat App

Udemy Course – 50$  – 30$

In this course we’ll build Ajax chat app using PHP , Mysql and JQuery from scratch in very simple way , you will be amazed how simple it is.


We will use Ajax mechanism so the page will not refresh, we going to retrieve the messages by Ajax instantly. with jquery ajax function which is cross-browser compatible function and easy to work with.

We will learn how to use sessions in order to store user name or any data that we want so we can retrieve it quickly.

we going to create database we will see how to add data and retrieve data in background without refreshing the page.

you going to understand how chat system works so you can create more complex chat system once you grasp the principles that you will learn in this short course.

we going to cover :

  • Use Jquery to auto scroll the page
  • Sending a message with keypress
  • understand Ajax function
  • Using SetInterval function to query the database each time
  • Learn How Ajax chat easy to implement

You will get the full source code so you can practice .

you will learn a lot in this short course.

So Join us in this short journey .

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