How To Manage Stress


How To Manage Stress

How to manage stress

In our daily life we get so stressed by everything , It’s like the 24 hours of the day  is not enough so we micromanage everything , usually we end  up with nothing worth that stress.

In my case for example , I have a job , side  business ideas , family , sport ,learning new stuff , reading ,  and recording courses so that’s a lot going on in my head , because I was so stressful I don’t  finish one task instead I micromanage everything which is painful and that indeed gives me more stress . so I start looking for solutions to fix my problem  and share what I found , I hope this simple methods will help you as well.

First Step to manage daily stress is:


1-Meditate for five minutes everyday

This method is very helpful , this is actually like a magic I had no idea about how to meditate and I’ve never done it before,

if you’re like me, this video will help you to , the beauty thing about this is the more you become calmer the more you achieve more and more , you will enjoy in your day, the secret is you have to start your day with this meditation for only five minutes,after that you may increase that time once you become more experienced .

I don’t mean you have to watch this everyday , once you watch it you can do as suggested in the video your own.


2-Quick exercise

If you tend to set  in front of the computer for a long time , you probably suffering from back pain , even if you not , this habit is not good for the long term.

In every 30 minutes of concentrated work take a break for at least 5 minutes , do simple exercise , relax your muscles to avoid back pain , I had this problem because I sat down on a chair for long time , I start doing this simple exercise , it helped me relief back pain as well as stress.


3-Reward yourself


After finishing your task it’s time to reward yourself , we don’t have to wait for someone else to appreciate our work . how to reward our self is to buy something for our self  like special dinner , new cloth, do something special for yourself that will give you joy , once this became your habit ,  you will achieve more and enjoy more..

after all we are human being not robots.

I hope this simple steps will help you , if you find this helpful please share it with your friends.



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