web design tips

web design tips

web design tips

4 – Web Design Tips [best practices]

 How to design better websites learn web design tips

For me I like to keep things simple , we already living in complex world , the simplicity always has its power to deliver the message without confusing the user .

Its recommended to have clear image on what you want to achieve, before you  jump to coding , try to answer these questions for web design best practices :

1-What’s your goal, what you want to achieve with your website ?

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The reason for building your website should be clear , concise And straight to the point. look at Nike website , web design is not only about just design , we have to consider a lot of aspects even more questions we should ask. 

2-What’s your message ?

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Your message should be resonates with your goal , for instance , if your website is about selling shoes its preferred to about subjects that relevant to your products , you could talk about socks for example because that is relevant to your products which is shoes.

3-Who are your audiences ?  


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Knowing your audience is crucial point, for example if you’re selling sport shoes for youth between 18 -35 years old , it will be difficult  to sell the same product to 70 years old male or female that would be might be irrelevant to them.

knowing your audience is important so you can adjust your website’s  look and feel .


4-whats differentiates you from others ?

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You have to have value or believes that differentiate you from others , you have to be better or deferent from your competitors .

After than we will draw how our website will look like on a paper before we implement the idea.

For example , we will draw the sitemap , the structure of the website, the brand, and the behavior of our website.

When we got clear picture of the website , that time we can think of deferent type of technologies to use in order to transform the idea into real world website , such as html & css and javascript , or we can use framework such as Laravel or codeignitor, if we want to have dynamic website.

that was our tips for today I hope you like it , if you have more tips share with us.

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